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A Cheap 9×12 Rug

There were rugs piled high, to the ceiling; miles and miles of rugs.

Rolled-up ones, piled-up flat ones, hanging ones that looked like huge, un-billowy flags, and plastic-encased ones.

The plastic-encased ones looked like rug-mummies.

I was in heaven, though, because I needed a 9×12 rug, preferably a cheap one, and someone suggested this place. Even though it was in a less-than-desirable part of town, I went anyway because I love to save money on stuff like this.

The very best part though, was that my friend went with me. This is an understatement, because my friend didn’t just go with me, she leaped at the chance, no question in her mind. That the store was in a less-than-desirable part of town did not deter her in the least. Not for one second. She put the roast she was preparing for dinner in the crockpot, washed her hands, changed her clothes and within the hour, she was ready to go. I didn’t give her much notice. Most people are not very spontaneous and plan things out to the minute, which is disappointing to me sometimes. I feel like I have to schedule time with them days in advance.

But Jane is an unusual person. She is also my neighbor.

And she likes me a lot. She has told me so.

How many of us have a friend like Jane, who lives within walking distance, is vocal in expressing regard for you as a likeable person, is available at the drop of a hat, and as happy bonus, can carry on an interesting conversation?

I count myself blessed.

We are very different. She cusses a blue streak, and I do not. She has one adult child, no grandkids yet; I have six adult children and five grandkids and another on the way. I have cats; she has a huge Saint Bernard. She cooks carefully every night for her husband. I carefully avoid cooking for my husband whenever possible. (Not because I do not want to bless my husband, but because I do not like to cook and I am not very good at it.) I like to write and play the piano, she likes to go to restaurants and watch TV. At every store we visit she talks to perfect strangers, and even tells them her opinion about their buying decisions sometimes. I tend to lurk around the edges, mind my own business, buy my stuff and get out of there.

Yet we are becoming the best of friends.

I am the type of person that cuts to the chase. I want to know why stuff happens, and usually figure things out quickly. It took me a while to analyze the ‘why’ of my burgeoning friendship with Jane. Thinking about it wrinkled my brow, because the bonding occurred instantly in spite of our differences.

But I figured it out.

It is because she likes me. She really likes me. And she tells me so.


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